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School based Police Officer update May


Thank you for the warm welcome in Term 1 to my role as the School based Police Officer at Charters Towers State High School. I look forward to continuing with the positive relationship in Term 2.

There are two items I would like to address. 

Out of control events

Please be aware that there is new legislation in relation to events/parties. The purpose of the out-of-control legislation is to give police the power to stop an event/party before it gets out-of-control. In brief, if police attend an event/party and there are at least 12 people there, and three or more people are engaging in ‘out of control’ conduct (disorderly behaviour, drunk in public, fighting, damaging property, burnouts, etc.), which is causing someone to feel fearful of violence or interference with their right to enjoy a public place, then police have the powers to enter the place, give directions, and take steps that the police officer considers reasonably necessary.

Party Safe is an informative website that offers tips and advice for having a safe party. If you would like further advice regarding parties or the new ‘out of control’ legislation, please contact me at the school.

 ‘No Parking’ zone

Last term a concern was raised about parents parking in ‘no parking’ zones along Towers Street to drop off and pickup their students. I took the opportunity to observe this for myself and can see there is an obstruction to moving traffic and pedestrians from vehicles parking in this area.

Please be aware of the ‘no parking’ zone on the school side of Towers Street, prior to the pickup zone. I remind you that failing to obey these signs is a road rules traffic offence which may result in you being liable for a fine. Parking on the opposite side, however, is acceptable.

For those who need to consider an alternative location for pickup and drop off, I have observed that there is sufficient parking at peak times further along Towers Street and in Aland Street.

Belinda Peacock, Senior Constable