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Charters Towers State High School is beginning its roll out of QParents which will allow parents and carers access to additional information for their students. You will receive an email over the next several days inviting you to participate.
To action your invitation, you will need
1.       A unique email address
2.       Identification
3.       You students EQ Identification number
As part of the invitation process it is essential that when parents receive their invitations they have:
1.       A unique email address as multiple accounts require their own email address. If you share an email address with a partner, then only one of you will be able to use that address.
2.       You have all your proof of identification. To be verified completely only you need to have 100 points.
Points are as follows:
·         Australian Passport 50pts
·         Australian Drivers Licence 50pts
·         Medicare Card 20pts
·         Australian Visa 20pt
·         Australian Birth Certificate 50pts
·         Australian Marriage Certificate 40pts
·         Australian Citizenship Certificate 40 pts
·         Change of Name Certificate 40pts
If you do not have a full 100 points you will need to make an appointment with the school to have your identity confirmed. This must be done via appointment as you will need to speak with someone able to facilitate this process and will require that you have additional proof of identity material. None of these documents will be stored or kept at school.
Additional Documents are as follows
Low Doc Approval
Must have 60 Points from the following:
·         Passport (60)
·         Driver’s License (60)
·         Birth Certificate (50)
·         Marriage Certificate (40)
·         Citizenship Certificate (40)
·         Medicare Card (20)
·         Australian Visa (20)
·         Change of Name Certificate (40)
In addition, 1 of the following:
·         Learner’s licence
·         Adult Proof of Age Card
·         Working with Children Check Card (Blue Card)
·         Queensland Weapons Licence
·         Industry Authority Cards issued by TMR
Or 2 of the following:
·         Queensland or Australian Government Staff Identity Card
·         Pension Concession Card
·         DVA Entitlement Card
·         Seniors Health Card
·         Health Care Card
·         Other Dept. Human Services Financial Entitlement Card
·         Student Identity Card issued by and Australian Education institution
·         Current Bank Statement or Utilities Notice Showing Current Address (1)
·         Current Bank Statement or Utilities Notice Showing Current Address (2)
You will also need your students EQID this can be found on any of your student’s report cards or Timetable.